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Feb. 29th, 2008 @ 10:14 am State of furryne.ws and other projects
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Long time, no see! :)

furryne.ws is still there. We haven't had the time yet to see if we can add the image (or anything else) upload mod ourselves, and the pligg forums haven't offered any fix yet, but with any luck, that will come along with pligg 1.0.

We are looking to feature a charity of the month on furryne.ws if we can find out why the Featured Story mod breaks the current version of pligg (9.9.0.) We are open for suggestions for charities to feature, and please don't limit yourself to animal welfare charities. Anything that would help our community (ie: EFF, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, etc.) as well is nor than welcome to be a featured charity. Only real requirement for charities is that their books must be available to the public.

As always, please visit furryne.ws for the latest in furry-related news. Also please visit the upcoming news page and vote up any articles you like :)

Karma from Yiffy.TK and FurFinder as agree to run his new project, Anthropomorphics.net, in association with IA. Main feature that I myself am interested in the artist/commisioner feedback and conflict resolution system. The site's still in beta, but he's told him that he'll be working on this once he's finished with the chan board on Yiffy.TK .

The sexual education project is on the back-burner for now, but I spoke to Cupro' to encourage him to push on with the project despite the flack he's been given. He is, as always, busy with other project, but I'll be laying down the framework for this as soon as I can secure project space for it. I have a good idea who to get in touch with too so we have a legitimacy behind all of this.

So... anyone have a good name for that project? :)

In unrelated news... the home area I belong too (LAFF) could use some help in constructing their web page. Timoran is running a contest to for resigning the front page with an Amazon gift certificate as the prize. If you can help out, please stop by lafflist.org and submit your home page design.

That's all for now.
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