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May. 2nd, 2008 @ 10:25 am The State of IA, furryne.ws, and other projects
Yes, we're still around.

furryne.ws is coming along great. tixen is working on a more colorful template for the site, grayscalewolf is looking into the code and making changes as needed so it can be shared with the community via Google Code, and we've brought in natashasoftpaw to the team to help with coding duties. If you nice folks who are still watching this group haven't done so, please sign up for the site, and if you'd like, use our LJ news feed or if you've moved to Facebook we have an app for that too. O and we're always looking for more help in either coding, graphics, and administering the site in general so please speak up if you're interested.

As for other project... I have the domain name and the server space. Now I need a stable connection to upload it all. The next project will be Furry 101. Basically, I took cuprohastes idea and greatly expanded upon with it. This intent of this site will be more in-line with what we want to do with IA and help the community at large by creating what I guess can be described as a Lifehacker for Furries. We will help each other with not only "mundane" topics as art, writing, fursuits, yadda yadda, and more involved and personal topics in regards to the social and physical health of your fellow fan. When this all start I suspect my sources will come from my usually sources, but eventually I'd like to get experts on staff to submit original content, to have content be generated from a forum in the back, and heck, if this whole furry thing ever turns a profit, we can put a bounty out for good articles.

...and I continue to ramble. With Furry 101 will will serve as a guide to all fans. New fans can be shown the ropes by the old guard from their past experiences with the fandom.

This site can also serve as a portal to those who don't knwo about furry.

...and that's it. Sorry if it seems a bit muddled. I'm fighting off a nasty bug and my brain isn't all there yet.
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