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May. 5th, 2008 @ 04:13 pm Furry 101 is here!
The folks that brought your furryne.ws are working on another project entitled Furry 101. The site's purpose is to be a place where people can learn about furry and where furries can learn from other furries about art, crafts, writing, business, relationships, etc., etc.

The site just opened now and we're looking into getting down the overall design, but we could use you and your friends to help write articles for that site. If you're an artist, a storyteller, a fursuit maker, a puppeteer, an art/animation historian, help run a convention, maintain an online community, or simply have good advice to give to people based on your experience with the fandom, please help us and your fellow fan. Write for Furry 101. Ask me, the Dan Rather of furryne.ws, for more details on what you can do to help.
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