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Date:January 10th, 2011 06:14 am (UTC)
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Well I don't see what there is to clean up per say. I share this with all of my so called straight lace friends. There is nothing to explain ahead of time when you bring people to a convention or a meet. I sure as hell haven't, I just answered questions that come if any of them don't want to be my friend or talk to me because of what other people's buisness whether on the internet or in a closed hotel room fuck em.
I never witnessed this invasion of babyfurs and fetishists? Where IRC? People still go on those things? How do you find the time? I don't see exactly what is keeping your straight laced uptight frineds from getting involved. Who uses IRC I did maybe three times and that was more than I felt I should.
This so called bad image doesn't exactly involve anything destructive to social infrastructure (illegal activity).
I would maybe say you have a valid point if this whole thing were shrinking but it's not it's getting bigger every year the only thing that needs to happen is to get big enough that it's practical for some big artists to get involved regularly, coming back again with dealers tables being public about it etc. maybe find some other major publishers that don't specify in furry to promote and sell their books (which is hard to do if content is not targeted specifically at bratty little kids and is exclusively anthro with no humans.)
Cleaning up the fandom sorry I don't care about someone who is offended by the certain existence of certain things. They can go to hell simple as that those same people would not be interested no matter how "clean" it is. I understand their needs to be common sense involved can't have erotic material out in the open on display without proper covers etc.
There is a need to bring in the next generation of furs (artspots I guess is fine but whatever not like I wasn't watching freddy and seeing boobs at age eight) and for adults to feel safe bringing their kids but there is also a need to get and keep adults interested and involved too. Not specifically erotica just mature content, your "Pride of Baghdad" and "Elephantmen" as oppose to just having whinny the pooh.

The questions I have to ask is, Why should I feel like there is something to clean up? Why does it even matter what strangers I don't know and may never know think of me because they see me wearing a collar and tail, or fursuit? I'll act however I please if someone doesn't like it they can always try to murder me.

I think this is doomed from the start as another oversensitive uptight movement. You ever thought that people generally just need to get over the sexual nature of some the furry shit out there because that's all that gets people going. you can have blood and guts all over the place as long as no penises or breasts are involved. Here is another thought I guarantee if NONE of the so called "creepy fetish" stuff didn't exist in the first place furries would still be getting made fun of and ridiculed and having a mocking image portrayed on the news because in the end it's grown adults dressing up as cartoon characters and that in it of itself can not be taken seriously. And most people who do have a problem with any of it don't have the balls to say anything off the internet or really they are smart and know not to give a shit.