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Date:October 29th, 2011 08:33 am (UTC)
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I think the best way to clean the image is just to provide positive constructive examples.

You're going to have people with deviating interests in pretty much any group, and short of killing them (which I really hope such hate does not come to) I don't see any way to remove them, since their interests clearly do overlap in some ways (though in others they do not).

Basically by providing a positive example, you can inspire new fans to join your kind of fandom, which will proportionately increase its population.

You may even attract the deviants you dislike to appreciate the more pure concepts.

I actually sort of experience this a bit myself. I'm probably one of the people you'd dislike for looking at some of the more raunchy art out there, but after a while the innovation gets tiresome and you can appreciate stuff that seems more conservative for its subtleties. It's sort of like how you can go full circle from "omg hentai anime, tentacles!" to "this is actually kind of boring, the acting is horrible" and suddenly you're watching Rose of Versailles.