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Dec. 6th, 2007 @ 04:42 pm The New Vague Mission Statement behind Improved Anthropomoprhics
"Set a Good Example"

That's it. We have already mentioned in previous posts what our ideals our, but we do run things democractically here and everything is subject to change.

Anyway, myself and Brad will be idly going through the posts here and tagging them so we can better cull this data for proper documentation. I apologize yet again for the slow progress we've made on that, but we are both divided amoung other projects and life in general that does make it difficult to work solely on documentation. If you got a half hour or so and can help, please reply here.

Also, I'm looking to build the IA brand by contacting people who run services for the fandom under the banned of setting a good example. Helping your fellow fan is a good example. I know it's a tough sell, but if you yourself run a service for the fandom, or know some who does, please refer them to myself or Brad so we can chat it up with them and what goes behind the scenes with IA. Alot of what we do do isn't written down... it's all in our heads.
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Nov. 12th, 2007 @ 02:08 pm There's Some Sort of Convention Going on This Weekend...
I'm not attending this convention, but I do happen to live nearby. If anyone would be interested in doing and meet-and-greet, send me a quick message off-journal and I'll provide you with my home phone number or if you're listed as a friend, I'll be posting it there as well.
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Oct. 19th, 2007 @ 12:46 pm A New Writing Site?
I stumbled across this article on the AnthroChat LJ and one thing stuck out to me that I think as a group we can quickly get off the ground; setting up this "unnamed writing site" that Inaki mentions. What we need to get this to a quick and dirty start is a decent CMS to handle works of furry fiction, a name, and a website. Now, as for the CMS, I'm not about to toss MediaWiki out there as it's pretty horrible to use when it comes to multiple users who need to control their own documents. I've been taking a look at a few others (specifically Joomla right now)... so... can anyone recommend a CMS for the job? It should have a decent interface where people can either copy-and-paste there work or upload a PDF/text/HTML/OO (something rich text if people want to add illustrations to their work), maybe an Ajaxy, hot-linking thing so if people can hover over a character name and get more info..., maybe have a rudimentary spelling/grammar checker, give them the ability to control their work (maybe they want to write a book and upload it chapter-by-chapter, or maybe it can be a collaborative work among several authors?), tagging so we can filter out what gets shown to the general public, a search function, a rating system...

Anyway, let's do this. First things first is the CMS. Give me ideas people!

P.S., Inaki says there is one already in progress, but if there's nothing open to the public yet, I figure this might be a fun race-to-the-finish of who can come up with a good solution first :)
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Oct. 17th, 2007 @ 03:40 pm WikiFur and Insert Your Real Name Here
Man, we're getting more and more off track here with making our own documentation but address issues, but I wanted to bring this us as I see this happen once-in-awhile on good, ol' WikiFur. Now, WikiFur has a standing policy that if one wish their information removed for their site, it's normally granted if one asks nicely. Problem is some less reputable folks have also requested to have their information taken down, but as they pose a "threat" to a fandom, their information stands. Now that maybe not how it's exactly portrayed and the editors will hide behind the guise of encyclopedia integrity, but it's that the case, why block anyone's information regardless of what they've done? One may also say that no one really has any privacy in our current world as our information is handed from one person to other without us being completely aware of it. Now many of you already know my stance on this and I would rather see everything published, both good and bad. Full disclosure. But I too would make some amends if one wishes not to have certain information such as their real name for the sake of professional integrity (do you really want potential employers seeing all of your furry happenings?) regardless of what they've done be it good or bad. Maybe the solution would be to have certain pages barred from public viewing, or have the page display less information if you're an anonymous viewer? I wonder if any CMS can currently support this idea. I know for a fact MediaWiki doesn't by default (but sloppy patches have been made in prior version for this feature.) Thoughts?
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Oct. 12th, 2007 @ 04:05 pm New IA Project in the Works
cuprohastes posted this on his journal a little while back and we're going to look onto expanding upon that concept. cuprohastes has server space, but I guess now we need to discuss who wants to be actively involved with it, how to build a community around it, and how it's going to bed controlled. So far plans are to have forum in the back-end to develop a community around all of this, and probably a wiki set up to draft documents, then a main page to present all of this along with PDF/zipped HTML/OO copies of all of this. We also need a name and a domain name to put to all of this, and well, a way to make this financially self-sustaining and anything made over the top to be used to invest in new projects and reinvest in current ones.

Also, as an idea to promote furryne.ws... anyone up for creating a meme for the site?
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Oct. 12th, 2007 @ 09:22 am Let us discuss this article, and something to make you go spew...
There's this article on the Santa Fe Reporter called "Fluff Piece" and,w ell, it's starts out OK, but then a bit more than halfway down the article we get this gem:

Clayton Hedgepath, aka Storm Gryphon, isn’t particularly comfortable with Gerbasi’s evaluation or any clean romanticization of Furries. It isn’t just fluff and tickles. There’s a thin, dark line, which he says Furries cross far too often.

“The Vanity Fair article, the Furs brought it on themselves,” the FBC promotions director says. “I don’t want you to think we run through fields. You gotta take some of the bullshit first. ”

The 19-year-old satellite technician in Chicago, who’s been a Furry since he was 13, prides himself on straight-talking, shit-talking and a radio voice that can pass as a 40-year-old’s.

Clayton found his fursona through a neo-mystical belief system called Otherkin, which involves an “awakening” to discover one’s inner mythological creature. He’s not a huge fan of the elitist Otherkin community, preferring instead the open-armed Furry fandom. That said, he loathes all the Furry slackers who live off social security. He can’t stand the self-pitying ones who emptily threaten suicide when life doesn’t go their way. And he’s sick and tired of all the public sex, aka “yiffing,” at conventions.

“In 2001-2002, people were yiffing in the hallways, having orgy rooms everywhere and over 80 percent of the artwork was dirty,” Clayton says. “Yiffing is awesome, I’m not opposed to yiffing. But in terms of going to a con, I don’t want some random guy trying to yiff me up in the hallway or two 400-pound men going at it when I open the elevator.”

The reason Furry fandom got so sexual, Clayton theorizes, is that back in the 1970s organizers were disappointed at the convention turnout, and started selling it as an alternative lifestyle to attract gays, sado-masochists and swingers to fill out their numbers.

“The problem with Fur, right now, is that because it started heading down this alternative lifestyle path, they started letting in all these socially retarded kids, who stayed at home, had problems, were glued to their TVs and their computers,” he vents. “Once they realize they’re accepted by Furries, they start crying more and more for that acceptance and getting yiffy all the time.”

In addition to music and news, these are the subjects Clayton rants about on his show, and to great success. Typically, he averages approximately 30 listeners, and he can list many of them by name.

One thing Furries don’t talk about is the dark-underside of the fandom— bestiality. Clayton says it’s not as rare as some Furries claim. Seven out of 10 of his friends, he estimates, are into animal porn. Of them, he suspects that two or three will one day act on their impulses.

“[Furries] are into it, but it’s just to what degree,” he says, matter-of-factly. “When it comes to bestiality, it’s still a major hush-hush, because it’s illegal. I’ll tell you many, many more Furs are into that stuff than what they’re willing to admit. They’ll tell when they get to know you.”

Nevertheless, he concedes that New Mexico Furs might be different, not just sexually, but in motivation and social skills as well. His opinions are only about the general fandom. But he’s a skeptic, and he warns to be wary. The New Mexico Furs, he says, might be faking it.

First, where the hell are people fucking in the hallways? I was still going to con's at that time and any fucking was done in people's room. Granted you may see a few people get more than friendly in public (which is wrong no matter who or what you are,) but goddamn... goddamn.

Also, do we have any old guard we can get in here about early convention organizers using sex to get people to go to cons? I've heard stories that this maybe true, but I want sources.

Then the part about bestiality. I can only recall one fan I've met that went into detail about him having sexual relations with animals... and yes, it's weird, it's odd... but where this statistic comes from that beastiality is a common thing with furries... let's start with you guys and gals. HAVE ANY OF YOU FUCKED AN ANIMAL?

As for something to make you go spew here's this. Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, toasty.

OK, that's it for today. I'll see about getting back on track with this group later.
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Sep. 26th, 2007 @ 01:42 pm You, too, can help save ANTHRO!
I got this notice up on furryne.ws, but I'd like it if a couple of you can spread the word and see if we can drum up some donations for ANTHRO. The original post is at http://groups.google.com/group/alt.fan.furry/browse_thread/thread/cab3272efdb5b883/5054c242a83c4edf?#5054c242a83c4edf.

"Quentin Long here with some bad news... and how *you* can help to make that bad news go away.
You'll recall that when I announced the uploading of ANTHRO #13, I mentioned that I was in danger of going homeless, *real* soon. The support this brought was welcome... but it just isn't enough. And here's how bad things are now:

I need USD $500 in the next five days, or I *will* be homeless.

The people who have *already* donated and bought advertisements, they've done their part... but there's only, like, 20 of them. 20... out of a grand total of about *ten* *bleeding* *THOUSAND* people who read and enjoy every issue of ANTHRO.
So here I am again, exhorting furdom-at-large to open your wallets on my behalf, so that *I* can continue to do something which has been a distinct asset to *you*. I'm not exactly enthused to be going all "PBS pledge night" on y'all, but if it works, it works, okay? So here's the deal...

I've reformatted ANTHRO #1 so that it'll fit nicely on a 240-pixel-wide screen -- which means it will work nicely on Palm Pilots or Blackberrys or whatever other PDA you might happen to have. Cross my palm with $2.99 in good USA silver, and it's yours!


Art commissions!
Would you like me (Quentin Long, aka Cubist) to do a portrait of your character? I will -- for a mere USD $15. Or USD $10, if you want a con badge. I won't do spooge, but beyond that, pretty much anything goes.

Send me an email containing a description of what you'd like me to draw -- the address is cub...@aol.com -- and PayPal the money to me, and you're good to go.

And leave us not forget all the other options:

Donate or subscribe:

Buy copies of ANTHROlogy ONE and/or THE HUMAN MEMOIRS and/or the
FREEDOM CITY typeface:

Buy ANTHRO ad space in two-month blocs:

Buy ANTHRO ad space in arbitrarily small chunks:

Buy furry fiction (with ANTHRO getting a small cut of the purchase

Buy T-shirts, posters, and other things with ANTHRO art on them:

Check out a wide range of furry-type goods selected from Amazon.com's
vast inventory:

Buy other art-type things I've created (not necessarily furry, but
still good):

USD $500 in five days. If furdom-at-large can inject $2,000,000 into the Pittsburgh economy via Anthrocon, is $500 in five days *really* too much to ask?"
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Sep. 12th, 2007 @ 11:57 am We're Still Here!
Anyway, I have a few items to go about.

1. I don't know if we're done with the sexuality in the fandom debate, but as things have died down and we've all grown a bit wiser about this, I think the majority of the voices here are correct; the furry fandom does not have a responsibility to distributed condoms at a convention, nor do they need to teach sex ed. While it's nice to offer these options discretely, the outside world will see the endorsement of such as another reason to see us as sexual deviants first. If you want to finish the debate do so here. If I don't here anything else I'll post the next issue.

2. Future projects. While furryne.ws is still definitely alpha (and I'm working on prepping the code for the newest pligg update to reduce any potential snafus), I've been messing around with a few other web apps and was wondering if, well... maybe in a the future we can start an art gallery. Things is though, I want it to be built with a business-like mindset. Sure, we can have a community behind it with people posting blogs, pictures, music... but I want to see this as more of an Amazon Marketplace as we'll be the central point of all transactions. Contract an artist through us defining your terms, we get in touch with the artists and see if the terms are agreeable, then the exchanging of funds. Basically, we'd be managers or agents working out deals and contracts for custom work. Prints and the like can be handle in a normal store like format. I understand this will have a slew of legal ramifications so... heck, if I can get the cash I'll get the lawyer and work things out. First though is to do some kind of coding. I was hoping to base this off of Gallery2. The features alone are impressive. Problem would be coding. This is a project for the future thought, and at best, maybe the next 5 ~ 10 years.

3. ANTHRO looks like it maybe publishing it's last issue. I like the DIY ethic behind running a fanzine so if you have the spare cash, please toss it their way. Failing that, I was wondering if maybe we could take it over. We'd need a few people dedicating to layout it out and what not. I can do plenty on my own (I find the time,) but the more people the better.

That's all for now. Ta ta.
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Aug. 26th, 2007 @ 11:50 am I know this is late... The Anthro Animal Fandom Mission Statement
Tim posted about a week ago a declaration for the start of a new fandom which celebrates the art form of anthropomorphic animals and less on, well, everything else that's been associated with furries. Per his request we are not going to discuss his idea here and I'll keep the comments off, but I encourage everyone to visit http://otakuoftomobiki.livejournal.com/45103.html and read more about his concept and voice your opinions there.

That's all for now. Have a great Sunday.
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Aug. 15th, 2007 @ 10:07 am What's a Good Business Model for a Furry Convention?
I was reading Tim's most recent entry and after a quick bout of conversation with Mr. Doodles about the subject and how this was tried before.... anyway, some back story to the conversation first or I'll loose you.

Basically, running a clean con' has been tried before: C-ACE. Now, I'm wondering why exactly it failed. I'm thinking because that most furry conventions run off of a poor business model. I know the idea is not to turn a profit mind you, but the convention needs to be able to sustain itself. The con's that still run now are good at sustaining themselves, but let's say if a major product can't be sold anymore. Could be a government ban (heaven forbid) or simply a lack of demand. Then what? Artists wouldn't by tables. With less artists you may have less art enthusiasts, right?

OK, well, maybe it's not about the art. What about the social aspect? How can you sustain a con' simply based on getting being to come together and interact with each other? What that they can do online in the privacy of their own homes can you offer them in real life?

Sorry if this train of thought is a bit disjointed, but I'm running on an empty stomach and little coffee, but let's get a discussion going shall we? What would it take to run a furry convention that can sustain itself if a certain product couldn't be sold? What would it take to run a furry convention that was free and open to the public? What would it take to run a furry convention that doesn't offer any physical product but offers the chance to meet other fans in real life? What's the catch?
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