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Improved Anthropomorphics

Furry Fans Standing Up for A Better Fandom
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Sorry for the lack of information here. We've recently started the ball rolling on our little movement and I myself have been extremely busy as of late.

I originally chose to name of this movement "Burned Fur." Not only did it get attention, but if you looked past the ranting and raving from the previous generation, behind it was a good message. There was a calling for discretion, professionalism, and mutual respect among everyone involved in the fandom. Laugh all you want, but hopefully myself and our members can convince you otherwise and also revitalize these good ideas. Since then our name has changed to "Improved Anthropomorphics" to better emphasized what we're are doing; by improving the furry fandom by settings a good example.

Right now we're in the process of recruiting new members and working on various projects. Please take a look at our current projects (currently furryne.ws and Furry 101, with GamerFurs.net and "Project Weasel" in development) and our this LiveJournal community's entries and replies in this community and if you like what you see so far, then please join and also tell your friends about us. Even if you don't like what you see, please stick around and see what develops... or better yet jump right in and tell us your side of the story. I don't advocate censorship, block anonymous posting, or log IPs here so feel free to post whatever you'd like without hesitation.

A few things to note: Anything of worth posted in the LiveJournal community is subject to also be posted here to this wiki so that it maybe easily located. Also, I prefer that we address ourselves by our real names here as I believe that part of the social problems that furries have suffered is due to the fact that we have a tendency to hide behind our characters.

That's all for now. Take care.

Tom Zarycki, alias "The Reverend" Ash Maurice Cairo